2016-07-20 - No-Goal

~7.7 miles @ ~13.4 min/mi

"Eagle house!" Kristin points to a bronze raptor perched on the top of a flagpole, and suddenly I know where we are (cf. 2014-10-15 - Roadkill Raccoon in the logbook). Just down the street is the lovely lavender Victorian cottage (cf. 2016-02-24 - Rainy Ramble). Neighborhood roads dead-end into Kent Gardens Park and Pimmit Run. We explore culs-de-sac in search of cut-throughs without success. A front-yard totem pole mandates a pause for photos.

Rabbit count = 2 confirmed + 2 probable on a cool summer morning. The first 2 miles are sub-11, slowing to a more sustainable pace thereafter. It's great to be free to just ramble without plans or goals. "We'll find our way somehow!".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-08-10