2016-08-10 - Friendship and Balance

~5.8 miles @ ~13.2 min/mi

"Yesterday I'd have said, 'Sure thing'!", Kristin replies, when asked about lengthening today's run. Overnight weather turns warm and humid, with thick cloud cover that almost makes us wish we had flashlights as we set out. We loop by Tysons, extend the route along Route 7, discover a new (or forgotten?) cut-through to Kilgore Rd, and meander back via Pimmit Hills.

A startled chipmunk freezes mid-sidewalk until we're within a few steps, then flees into the grass. There's much to be thankful for, not least of which are balance and friendship. Kristin leads a final 800m sprint. Two Pokémon eggs hatch. Mantra of the day: "Be a duck, not a sponge!".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-09-01