2017-01-01 - VHTRC Red Eye 50k

~31.6 miles @ ~14.4 min/mi

Adeline Ntam and ^z at VHTRC RedEye 50k 2017, pre-race"Maybe we're all flawed human beings, confused and just doing the best we can?" A couple is walking along, discussing possible reasons for past failed relationships, divorces, etc., and it's hard not to toss another hypothesis on the barbie as I pass then near mile 16. New Year's Day brings lovely weather to Prince William Forest Park for the VHTRC "Red Eye 50k" — sharp contrast to the ice storm at the Devil Dog 100 a fortnight ago.
"Do you have two broken legs? Otherwise I shouldn't be ahead of you!" Fast runners go slowly, perhaps recovering from past races or resting up for future events. I meet friends old and new, take photos, and send texts — no "^z Lockdown Mode" for today's fun-run! Experiments include Leukotape on one foot, petrolatum on the other, and zinc oxide baby ointment on the, uh, diaper zone. No blisters, no chafing, and no falls today — yay!bright tights on James and Rebecca Moore at the VHTRC RedEye 50k 2017 - RD Gary Knipling between them, giving pre-race briefing

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-01-26