2017-01-08 - RCT with Rebecca

~6.2 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

"The problem with wearing a tube scarf over the face is that it pushes moustache hairs into the mouth!" But at 19°F and running into the wind, maybe it's worth it? Today only Rebecca braves the elements for a test of new ^z trail shoes found in the RnJ half-price room during yesterday's snowstorm.

"Total Cash Cows!" R2 explains the economics behind marathons and associated multi-day events held in resort destinations during off-season. We wish our buddies well who are running at Disneyworld this morning. A New Year aspiration, "Talk 2 minutes max", is semi-honored thanks to Rebecca's polite questions during my occasional pauses to breathe.

Icicles decorate the beard when we finish, as temps have climbed to a toasty 22°F. Feet feel great, and nobody falls on the snowy Rock Creek Trail — yay!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-02-03