2017-01-09 - Unicorns and Mindfulness

~5.0 miles @ ~14.2 min/mi

"It's called a Mind Jar!" Kristin explains how to make a glitter-and-water mental-calming-awareness metaphor artifact that her kids love. As the sparkles settle down, so do the thoughts and emotions. Temps are in in the mid-teens as we loop through Pimmit Hills, enjoying frosty fellowship and time-to-just-be prior to a busy day. We tread cautiously on icy patches to avoid falling.

"Horses are awesome, and Unicorns are just like horses with a deadly weapon!" Kerry wears a Christmas gift, a unicorn-themed cap with rainbow-striped rim. We discuss upcoming long run possibilities to reconnoiter. Kristin tells of her young puppy's initial snow experience ("This stuff is fun, and edible!"). Trail talk includes slightly-risque Magic Growing Sponge toys, family news, and the importance of staying open to change. All good!

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