2017-01-18 - Scary Scenarios

~7.1 miles @ ~13.2 min/mi

"Shards of broken glass! And snakes!" The Dawn Patrol reviews some of its members' phobias. "And worst of all: snakes in a serpentarium, breaking out through the glass!" We random-walk around an apartment complex, seeking a hole in the fence without success. Cute dogs cavort on the other side, yearning to be petted. Maybe another day!

"Are those zombies?" Kids stand like statues on the corner awaiting a school bus. Near Jupiter a last-quarter moon peeks between clouds. Kristin and Caitlin discuss default assumptions and their sometimes-humorous consequences. We cut through Tysons Pimmit Park as the sun rises. "Such a wonderful morning — thank you for running with me!".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-02-17