2017-01-27 - Dawn Patrol Runs the White House

~21.8 miles @ ~16.1 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/White_House_run_Kerry_Kristin_z_2017-01-27.jpg"You need an app that lets you fire somebody while you're running!" We're at mile 18 and one of the Drs K is checking her phone.

"Hmmmmm!" she replies. "Now that you mention it ...", she clicks and smiles sweetly.

From Langley VA we trot into downtown DC, circle the White House widdershins, and return via the C&O Canal towpath. To avoid a scary-dangerous road segment with fast cars and no shoulder we take the Potomac Heritage Trail through the woods. Kerry and Kristin and I help each other cross Pimmit Run on tricky stepping stones. And nobody falls in!

On the way downtown we meander to avoid busy roads with no sidewalks or shoulders. In Franklin Park we pass Caitlin's Lost-and-Found Key Zone, where on an earlier trek disaster was narrowly avoided. Near there an annoyed lady in cammie-jammies looks askance as us when we visit the porta-john at the nearby construction site. The route to Rossyln along US-29 is, as comrade SMB warned us from her experience, a long downhill.

At the Georgetown waterfront gulls fly into the wind with net negative ground speed. The nearby Starbucks is celebrating Croissant Day, and the one that Kerry buys to share is wonderful. Kristin's recent foot injury, incurred while walking her new puppy, thankfully is manageable. Downtown the "March for Life" groups this morning are polite and friendly, with laity dressed in yellow caps and priests in white vestments.

"All for one, and one for all!" The Dawn Patrol hangs together, and when one has early afternoon meetings we Uber back to finish on time. No worries, Mate! |

Runkeeper's trackfile shows the route, and estimates we burn ~2300 kCal. What a great day!http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/White_House_run_map_2017-01-27.jpg

^z - 2017-02-28