2017-02-27 - Firearm Arrangements and Edible Coatings

~5.0 miles @ ~14.3 min/mi

"What are 'Edible Arrangements'? And 'Firearm Coatings'? This is a great planet we live on!" Shops across the street from each other offer diverse products. After a pause to snag hot coffee at Starbucks the Dawn Patrol continues its tour of downtown McLean. Temperatures are dozens of degrees colder than a few days ago: frost glitters on grass and parked cars. We explore a neighborhood but fail to find a way out that doesn't require climbing a fence. Backtrack time!

"Good morning, Rainbow!" The pet dog we met on Friday is out for a walk, wearing his eponymous collar. An early morning meeting mandates a short loop. Kristin reports on a quick trip to the beach over the weekend, in honor of her daughter's latest lost tooth. Kerry tells of celebrations after Langley High School's hard-fought victory on Saturday, when for the first time ever the Saxons won the regional girls' basketball title. Onward to the state championship tournament!

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