2017-03-18 - MBT and CCT with Stephanie

~22.1 miles @ ~13.5 min/mi

Dr Stephanie Fonda and Z on the Metropolitan Branch Trail"Hairy Woman!" At mile 4, Dr Stephanie suggests a Trail Name for me.

"Uh, thank you, I think!" is my reply. We're trekking along the Metropolitan Branch Trail, enjoying a crisp morning. Coach Fonda listens to details of last weekend's "Crazy Desert Trail Run" (verdict: Tape the Feet next time!) and shares her Maryland Heights adventure on the same day: steep hill repeats that included a stumble-fall and a badly-rolled left ankle. By mile 20 the ankle is horridly swollen. Finally, two miles later, SF agrees to catch a ride back with me. Heal, rest, recover, improve — please!

"Could you take a photo of us?" I ask a passing runner, and hand her my phone. Flashback 3 years (cf. 2014-02-09 - Metropolitan Branch Trail with Amy and Stephanie), when during a 20 miler Amy and Stephanie sat on this very same painted wall for me to capture their image. Small world!

Via Trail Talk we solve the world's problems. Answers involve patience, trust, and friendship. How obvious! |

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