2017-04-21 - Jinx Returns

~7.0 miles @ ~13.7 min/mi

"She's got a cone around her neck, her tail is half-shaved, and she's just happy to be home!" Jinx, a family cat, is back after several weeks at an undisclosed location. The Dawn Patrol sympathizes. Low clouds tickle the tops of Tysons Corner office buildings; heavy traffic makes for long pauses at crosswalks. Kristin, Kerry, and Cait catch up on news and share ideas for better communication. Sometimes polishing a message to perfection isn't as valuable as a faster good-enough response.

"Take everybody out shopping together!" - "Assign someone to bake goodies for the next meeting!" - "Teach them to pull their hair back into a Power Bun!" We brainstorm how to help some senior manager-colleagues escape their usual comfort zones. Hmmmmm ... that last suggestion might not work for the follicly-challenged!

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