2017-04-22 - Zoo Ramble with Gayatri

~19.8 miles @ ~13.4 min/mi

"Ghora dekhle khora!" Gayatri teaches me a Bengali proverb. It rhymes and loosely means, "See a horse, and suddenly you can't walk!" For us today, though, it's "See a loo, and suddenly you need to ...!" We're running down Rock Creek to the National Zoo early on a hyper-humid Saturday morning. At ~0535 I set off to the rendezvous point; when we meet at ~0600 Gayatri discovers that she accidentally has her husband Atin's wallet. Oops! After a quick drive back to quietly drop it off, we're ready to start.

"We'll spread a rumor that you're creating gigantic apes!" At the Zoo we explore a side road, apparently toward a restricted area, and are sternly told to turn back. A staffer says that there's a genetics lab hidden in the woods there. Conspiracy, anyone?

"Naach na jaane aangan tehra!" Gayatri quotes a Hindi saying, "Can't dance, says the floor is tilted" - akin to "A poor workman blames the tools." Outbound at Peirce Mill we chat with John and his ultramarathon comrade, David Fink. A colleague from the office running upstream says, "Hi, Mark!" As we return we meet Barry. Small world!

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