2017-08-19 - Saturday Ramble with Kerry

~14.7 miles @ ~13.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Family_sculpture_Owens-Hart_Halls_Hill_High_View_Park_2017-08-19a.jpg"I've partied there!" someone remarks as we pass a stately mansion on a hill. Today's "Spontaneous Adventure Run" begins at 0622 on a warm, humid morn. A wee bunny races along the path, then darts into a church cemetery. The waning crescent moon prepares to eclipse the sun.

Rick's Tattoo Parlor provides a selfie op. We snag iced coffee, then take a memory-lane detour past the someday-historical home where Kerry's kids were born. Flashing lights atop a tall radio tower nearby soothed her infant son when he was fretful at night. "The Family", a neighborhood sculpture by local artist Winnie Owens-Hart, features braille that reads "HALLS HILL HIGH VIEW PARK - AFRICAN AMERICAN FAMILIES ARE OUR HISTORICAL FOUNDATION".

Trail talk includes more sweet memories of our babies, the mantra "Do Less, Better", sympathies for suffering the first-world challenge of obligatory working-dinners almost every night of the week, the recent film "Free Fire", and upcoming birthday & anniversary celebrations. |

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