2017-12-17 - CJSVT with Gayatri

~5.9 miles @ ~16.9 min/mi

"Caves full of bats!" Gayatri tells of visiting caverns in Jamaica with her husband, and of recently rewatching the 1973 James Bond movie Live and Let Die that had scenes filmed there. In contrast to the Caribbean climate, here temperatures linger below freezing despite Sunday morning sunbeams. Before the run a totem pole in by the playground of Cabin John Regional Park calls for a selfie.

We trek upstream, stepping carefully over icy patches, rocks, and roots. After a detour along the wrong side of the creek we discover the current route of the blue-blazed Cabin John Stream Valley Trail and take it to the northern terminus, first visited more than a decade ago (see 2005-10-30 - Cabin John Trail (North)). Pause for photos, amble south, explore the Gooseneck Trail, meander past ballfields, and return to the start. Trail talk turns to food: dal and pizza and pastries!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-01-11