2018-11-24 - MCRRC Turkey Burnoff 10 Miler

~10 miles @ ~9.6 min/mi

photo by Dan Reichmann near mile 5 MCRRC Turkey Burnoff 2018"We took turns pulling each other along!' — "And pushing each other along!" Friendly rivals Richard Jefferson and Roadkill play leapfrog during today's MCRRC 10 mile "Turkey Burnoff" race on a chilly morning. Barry, Gayatri, and Ken shout greetings as paths intersect on the out-and-back course.

Ocher leaves swirl in the breeze, and a frosty fog hangs low over Clopper Lake in Seneca Creek State Park, where one week ago K2 and Roadkill dropped at mile 44 of the Stone Mill 50 miler. Today the hills feel steeper than in years past, when Roadkill ran this same course far faster. But, as his wiser friends gently remind him, "It is what it is!" and "Let go and let be!" Alas, nonattachment doesn't come (or go) easy for him! (Perhaps he needs to stop clinging so hard to the meta-goal of "no goals"?)

Preliminary official stats: 128th place of 215 finishers, behind 82 men and 45 women, #1 of 3 in the 65-69 male age/gender group, with chip time 1:35:09 and gun time 1:35:39. The result is good enough to guarantee a win in the MCRRC 2018 Championship Series for his cohort — yay!

Past results:

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