2018-12-17 - Pokey

~8.2 mi @ ~13.7 min/mi

"Now I know how MEN feel!" says someone who recently was the target of a non-stop monologue by a hyper-chatty young lady. Monday morning Dawn Patrol concurs on the value of mindful listening as well as awareness of one's own tendencies to occasionally over-communicate. We admire Xmas lights on brightly trimmed trees along Route 7 in downtown Falls Church.

"That lump growing on your foot is probably an Alien. You should name it before it pops out. How about 'Pokey'!?" K-Rex and K2 offer helpful advice to Roadkill and his self-diagnosed ganglion cyst, both of whom accept their suggestions.

"Don't see that too often!" A pair of blue jeans lies abandoned at a bus stop shelter. A chill west wind cuts through our layers. Hot coffee from Starbucks helps.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-01-17