2019-01-10 - Disney Dopey Challenge 5k

~3.1 mi @ ~23 min/mi

Disney Dopey Challenge Roadkill"Dopey!" And yes, some might use that word to describe getting up at 0300 to cover three miles at a slower-than-walking pace. Thursday 2019-01-10 is the first day of the Walt Disney "Dopey Challenge", aptly named for the youngest of the Seven Dwarfs. Today's 5k is followed by tomorrow's 10k, a half-marathon, and finally a marathon on Sunday.
"Best Friends!" proclaims today's Magic Unicorn Oracle card, and admonishes, "True friends stick together, no matter what." We definitely are, and do! Dawn Patrol members Crabby, K2, and Roadkill join Danger Man before the start. We greet Santa Steve and Pengi in an adjacent corral and shuffle forward in a wave-start that takes more than half an hour to reach the line. We're off.Dawn Patrol and Barry with Pinocchio
Epcot Spaceship Earth"Vikings!" and we stop at Mile 1 for photos with a band of scruffy warriors. Half a mile down the road, "Pinocchio!" Lines seems short, so we pause again. And again, at a view of the lagoon, and again to take pictures of the Epcot "Spaceship Earth" geodesic dome. Finally, more than 71 minutes after our start, we cross the finish line together.
"There's Dopey!" We stand in another line to get group pictures with the dwarf himself. Then, rather than sensibly going to bed, it's a day for Animal Kingdom tourism.

"Those fake animals look so real!" Roadkill is impressed by modern robotic technology, and cannot believe that the giraffes, hippos, lions, etc. are alive.
With Dopey after the finish

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