2019-01-23 - Feedback Fun

~4.4 mi @ ~14.8 min/mi

"Spit-take?" Roadkill suggests a comic way to feign surprise, when trying to conceal prior knowledge of a secret.

"Well, I've been told that I seem too calm," K2 says. "Perhaps if I tried that once and spewed coffee, I wouldn't ever need to again?" Dawn Patrol rambles carefully along icy sidewalks to Starbucks, K-Rex leading the way. Early morning meetings mandate a short trek. Landing lights on descending aircraft streak like comets in a foggy sky.

"You should take a cooking class; you could learn a LOT!" - "Go on that trip; you're not getting any younger!" - "Donate those clothes that are too tight; you'll never fit in them again!" We share stories of feedback from kids and comrades. "Thank you!" is always the right response.

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