2019-01-27 - Calvert Cliffs

~5.1 mi @ ~26 min/mi

Calvert Cliffs State Park warped warf"The Martian?" Roadkill speculates about potential Trail Name themes for Dr Mary as two physicists hike Calvert Cliffs State Park early on a chill Sunday morning. Wikipedia describes cartoon character Marvin the Martian as "... funny ... soft-spoken ... clever and competent ..." — hmmmm, excellent potential there! The park is almost empty, mud frozen and boardwalks frosty-slick along the Red Trail. An abandoned warped wooden wharf curls its lip at a swamp of despair.
"Goodness gracious!" says Mary, as we categorize oaths as blasphemous, obscene, scatological, profane, etc. A receding tide exposes countless shells on the sandy beach; a mammoth container ship idles offshore. Our return trip follows the more strenuous Orange Trail. We analyze geology and art, families and future races, hopes and plans.Calvert Cliffs State Park with Ma

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