2019-02-08 - Gnats on Crack

~4.8 mi @ ~14.4 min/mi

"Like Gnats on Crack!" Buzzing with energy, two comrades spend the weekend downhill skiing during a blizzard that drops 7 feet (!) of snow on the slopes. Avalanche-control explosions go off as they schuss by. Orange-clad rescue squad members eye them with disbelief in the resort lobby. They have the outdoor heated pool all to themselves. The flight homeward at 5pm on Sunday is on an aircraft storm-delayed from 8am. And all ends well!

"Who else would enjoy such a crazy adventure?" asks one.

"Let me tell you about my Dawn Patrol friends!" replies the other.

We meander through Langley on a foggy morning and find a Little Free Library full of like-new children's books. Roadkill spies a biography of Shakespeare titled Will in the World and recommends it to K2. A cookbook of fancy breads catches K-Rex's fancy. We share family news, happy and sad, hopeful and scary. Whatever happens we'll help each other get through it. All will end well!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-03-04