2019-02-16 - Rock Creek R2

~12.6 mi @ ~12.9 min/mi

"Vienna Sausages? Slim Jims?" Roadkill, experimenting with carnivorism, wonders what fleshy products are the least-compassionate choices. (Veal and pâté de fois gras fall completely beyond the pale.) Chill north breezes lead to a couple of solo sub-10 minute miles, baby steps that inch toward the true speedwork he needs to train for upcoming endurance races. At Meadowbrook Stables horses and their young riders practice jumps over low flower-box barriers.

"He thought the note he carried said 'I don't eat animals' in Chinese, but it actually read 'I am a Buddhist'." A vegan friend of R2, traveling solo around China and not speaking the language, had asked for something to show people in restaurants or markets; he didn't get the literal translation that he expected. We ramble along Rock Creek, then divert west to avoid a construction zone. On Rittenhouse St NW a small house with bright trim features gigantic weathervanes and a painted pigeon statue.

"National Endowment for Libraries?" someone suggests, as a fortuitous encounter leads to discussion of books and their display. Libraries should be well-endowed! Homeward bound at his mile 10 Roadkill is startled to spy a familiar blue-and-white striped shirt and a "Clem cap". He tries to run between Dr Slow Twitch and Jaybird, but they block him. Banter ensues, with reminisces of long-ago long-runs together (e.g., 2013-04-07 - Fletchers Boathouse and Lincoln Memorial). So good to meet dear friends on the trail!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-03-11