2019-02-22 - Scherenschnitte

~4.4 mi @ ~15.0 min/mi

"A 'Cricut' machine, kinda like a CNC lathe for paper!" - "Like scherenschnitte, on steroids?" - Dawn Patrol discusses modern craft technology as we finish a chilly McLean ramble to Starbucks and back. K2's kids had the mojo to make chocolate-covered strawberries materialize on her front doorstep yesterday. Roadkill blames meat products for his excessive chattiness. We analyze foot pains (neuroma? cyst? fibroma?) and their treatment. A sign on the local nursery promotes "Black Gold": not "Texas Tea" aka crude oil, but rather a brand of potting soil.

"Coaching and facilitating better thinking has been most of my entire career!" - "Under stress, people revert to their norm." - A recent class on Systems Thinking and a conversation with Dr K2's thesis adviser make for musings on how metacognitive self-awareness practice "... helps people be at their best more of the time ... 'on good form' ...", to quote Prof Guy Claxton. Worth making a habit of!

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