2019-03-03 - Theory of Justice

~8.9 mi @ ~13.4 min/mi

"Ronald Dworkin's philosophy of law contends that principles are more important than legislated rules!" opines Danger Man, in response to the request for an erudite-sounding Quote of the Day. Professor R-Squared laughs and suggests a perhaps-impolite meta-quotation. We then return to analyzing sequels: The Incredibles 2, Deadpool 2, Wreck-It-Ralph 2, Tron 2, etc.

"Mud, mud, mud!" Gayatri summarizes yesterday's Seneca Creek race. Amazing that she and her friends survived the crazy-deep stream crossings, thorn bushes, and slippery rocks. We meet friends on the trail and Gayatri joins them in their run.

"Every climb wears away a nanometer!" Roadkill tells himself, as he sprints (?!) up the Mormon Temple hill. Today's ascent feels easier than yesterday's on the half-mile ~6% grade. Vermont's Runamuck 50k course features similar slopes, about 20 times as many. He does 4 repeats of the KenGar neighborhood path while awaiting the arrival of comrades. On the way there, pause to photograph arty sculptures at antique alley, wire-thin reminders that to get his weight down to 10 stone from today's 11.5+ will demand some serious sculpting. Chisel, please!

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