2019-03-09 - DC Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

~9.1 mi @ ~13.5 min/mi + ~13.1 mi @ ~14.7 min/mi + ~12.5 mi @ ~15.7 min/mi

Roadkill + Danger Man + K2"Free beer!" Roadkill diverts to snag a small cup of stout from friendly spectators during the 10th mile of the DC Rock 'n' Roll half-marathon. Half a mile later at the next offering, Danger Man joins him for a few sips. Then on H Street NE a crowd at a local bar lures them inside and gives them shot-glasses of Jameson Irish Whiskey. It's a first-ever experience for Roadkill, who tosses the drink back in homage to movie scenes he recalls. "Maybe next year I'll learn to dance?" he speculates. K2 laughs.
The trio, on the mend from various illnesses and injuries, all drop back from the full marathon to the half. They take their time and finish together in about 3:12, an average pace of ~15 min/mi. Roadkill refrains from feasting on found food, but does pick up a nice made-in-Germany beanie, a pair of pink gloves, and a fancy blue tube-scarf. K2 rescues a Michigan State "Sparty" cap on behalf of her daughter, currently a student there.Blue Love mural
bright DC muralThe morning's trek begins at 0530 for Roadkill, who trots ~9 miles from home to the starting line in ~2 hours. Antique DC police and fire boxes along 16th street are eye-catching, as are signs and statues and stone architecture. K2 and Danger Man arrive almost simultaneously. The race itself is uneventful, with good conversation, friendly volunteers, and a scenic route. "We've been spoiled by running here," Roadkill notes, gesturing toward the Potomac River. "The views are so beautiful!" Likewise murals in the DC neighborhoods we pass through.
After the race K2 and Roadkill snag pizza and Danger Man heads for drop-bag pickup. Crowds are dense. K2 takes the Metro homeward from the nearby Armory; Danger Man vectors to Union Station and does likewise. Roadkill follows the Metropolitan Branch Trail, pausing along the way to photograph more mural artwork. His walk breaks grow longer until they dominate the journey. Today's total distance is ~34 miles — an initial down payment on training for upcoming ultras.presidents DC restaurant mural

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