2019-03-18 - Feelings

~6.2 mi @ ~12.0 min/mi

"He made me so happy yesterday! We filled six boxes this big," K2 holds hands wide apart, "with children's toys to donate." Dawn Patrol takes a cut-through in the dark over rocks and roots, between Holland St and Heather Brook Ct. Today's random unicorn card counsels "Talk about Your Feelings" and Roadkill obliges. We analyze clutter, poverty, sadness, anger, clinging, and other challenges. Begin at the end with the best answers: love, acceptance, awareness. Advice last year is still wise: "Ask yourself, 'What can I do to make this better?'" And of course self-care is essential. Plus friendships!

"Now run as fast as you can to the next corner!" K2 wears a green Sparty cap in celebration of Michigan State's victories. We attack hills and kick to the finish line. The "Boston Fan" voice of the GPS encourages: "Mom and Dad will be proud of ya, kid!" Yes, they already are!

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