2019-06-29 - MCRRC Little Bennett 10k XC

~6.4 mi @ ~10.1 min/mi

"Maybe you should hope they switched babies at the hospital?" Roadkill jokes with Sam Young, son of former-rival Tom Young. We visit pre-race, then exchange fist-bump greetings during out-and-back segments; the Youngs finish far ahead. Today's MCRRC "Little Bennett 10k" cross-country scamper goes well: not too many people fall down, the trails are lovely, and aid station ice water counters heat and high humidity. "Where's the Black and Tan?" - "Did you forget to bring the bottle opener again?" Course marshals and runners exchange banter.

"We Got the Beat!" by the Go-Go's plays on the oldies radio station en route to the race and in Roadkill's head throughout, with the mantra "Happiness Is". Post-race Don Libes introduces his NIST colleague, physicist Heather Chen-Mayer.

Result: 80th of 128 finishers, behind 64 men and 15 women, 3rd of 4 in the age/gender group, total time ~1:04 - faster than in 2017, but this year's course is easier, with more gravel road no stream crossings. Second-place in the 65-69 year male cohort is 8 seconds ahead. More hillwork needed, and more weght loss - STAT!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-07-18