2019-07-01 - Vocal Fry

~4.1 mi @ ~13.5 min/mi

"Vocal Fry is a sexist dog-whistle!" Dawn Patrol linguistic analytics continues with discussion of geographic sound and vocabulary variations. "Wicked good!" as a Bostonian might say. We share the joy of discovering long lost writing samples, pre-teen diary entries, and marvel at how they prove people scarcely change over the years. At Starbucks K2 and Roadkill opt for iced coffee, and Keymaster goes for hot blonde roast. As usual!

"I always wanted to be a veterinarian!" - "I always wanted to be an astronomer!" - "I never wanted to be anything in particular!" Youthful aspirations don't determine a life-journey's road. The downtown nursery features "Confetti" flower assortments. A rusty sundial beckons from a back yard.

"Never shake hands across a threshold!" - "Never give someone an even number of flowers!" - "Never go back home for a forgotten item; if you must, be sure to look into a mirror before you leave!" - "Never sit directly on the cold ground, or you will be infertile!" - "Never break bread with your hands; use a knife!" We review Russian superstitions. A big fox dashes across the street. Or is it a feline in disguise?

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