2019-07-03 - Doubt Only Your Limits

~5.7 mi @ ~13.6 min/mi

"Mad Crew!" reads the boat shed sign at James Madison High School. K2 finds a cut-through between sports fields and has a flashback to softball games and child-athlete meltdowns. "Everybody's better now!" Dawn Patrol investigates a mansioned cul-de-sac, where Keymaster sees a path invisible to human eyes down a steep hillside. We emerge into the next neighborhood. A gentleman stands at the end of his driveway, morning newspaper in hand, scanning the headlines. "Hi, Ken!" says K2. Long-ago acquaintances catch up on news of daughters now far away in college. Small world! "Doubt only your limits!" reads his shirt.

"You just used the word 'paradigm' - that makes this a work-related conversation!" We head toward the rising sun and find our way onto the W&OD Trail. At the Vienna Elementary School matrices of letters and numbers decorate the asphalt. Next-generation blockchain encryption protocols, or hopscotch game grids? Iced coffee at McDonalds defaults to New Yorker "regular" aka double-cream double-sugar.

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