2019-07-05 - Recognizability

~5.2 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

"Hey, I read your running blog!" says a random shirtless stranger running toward Dawn Patrol on Lisle Avenue.

"Uh, thank you," replies Roadkill. "It's totally fiction, you know!"

K2 laughs. Keymaster wonders, "How often does that happen?" Quants commence an impromptu probabilistic analysis of factors such as Roadkill's personal recognizability (high), verbosity (off the charts), online frequency of posts (excessive), modern search engine efficiency, etc. Take a cross product of all that with the density of runners and their lack of inhibition when they see a fellow pavement-pounder at sunrise ... hmmmmm, maybe it's not such a Small World Phenomenon after all?!

Caffeine withdrawal impels a beeline to the newest local Starbucks, where friendly staff spring into action. Signs at the new bridge over the Beltway read "Sidewalk Closed" and "No Pedestrians" but omit "This Means You!" and thus are ignored. Trail talk veers between the Lake Como mansion of George Clooney and the, uh, girlfriend proclivities of family dogs. (Pit Bulls? Sounds like a recipe for an exciting First Date!)

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