2019-07-20 - Matthew Henson 5k and More

~3.1 mi @ ~8.8 min/mi + ~5.2 mi @ ~17.2 min/mi

"1041!" Roadkill shouts out his bib number as he passes the timing official - who laughs, since this is the START of the race, not the FINISH. Today's Matthew Henson 5k goes well, albeit at a pace ~1 min/mi slower than in 2014. With 20 lbs extra weight and 5 years extra age, that's not a surprise!

"очень горячо!" Igor Lvovskiy tries to teach Roadkill how to say "Very Hot!" in Russian. High temperature and humidity today is a factor; the 2014-10-11 - MCRRC Matthew Henson 5k Race was held on a far colder day. Official results: 61st of 147, time 27:03, 2nd of 14 in the 65-69 year old male cohort.
Matthew Henson 5k - photo by D Greb

"Remember Flav-R-Straws? And candy cigarettes? I used to 'smoke' them down to the butt!" reminisce Danger Man, Roadkill, and the Man with No Trail Name (aka MwNTN), who stretch old legs after the Matthew Henson 5k race. We ramble along the path, then take shady sidewalks to McDonald's where iced lattes and breakfast burritos aid recovery. A Dutch Girl lawn ornament looks weathered from one side, but turns out to be a potemkin façade.

"So if you're The Good, then which of us is The Bad and which The Ugly?" We quote from the film "Airplane" and sing bits of classic rock. At one point to settle a debate Roadkill calls his DW to learn the identity of the flying kaiju turtle - which turns out not to be Rodan, but Gamera aka "Friend of All Children" and "Guardian of the Universe". Ah, the wonders of modern technology. "Hey, Siri, settle a bet ..."

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2019-08-07