2019-07-26 - Give More Praise

~5.6 mi @ ~11.8 min/mi

"If you had your life over again, is there any way in which you could have done better?" Roadkill shares the response of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington: "Yes, I should have given more praise."

"Thank you!" replies K2. Dawn Patrol practices a category-theoretic principle and inverts its usual route to Starbucks for iced coffee. Sunrise pinks the horizon and soon we'll need headlamps at 0545. Roadkill shares one more Wellington quote, from a letter to his brother Henry: "P.S. I believe I forgot to tell you I was made a Duke." Such modesty!

"Training for anything?" we ask a fast runner when she overtakes us on Earnestine Street, after having shot by a few minutes earlier in McLean Central Park.

"Getting old!" she replies.

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