2019-11-04 - Cold Hands Hot Coffee

~3.7 mi @ ~13.7 min/mi

"And that's the physical chemistry behind your hand warmers!" the lecture concludes. On a chill morn Peg lends Pokey her gloves. Plato runs with hands in pockets, where outer-shell electrons find lower energy levels as iron atoms disrupt oxygen molecules. An amber sunrise reminds Dawn Patrol to give thanks for Standard Time on the way to Starbucks, where we welcome warm coffee.

"So what comes next? Quantum blockchains are so last month!" Pokey speculates that whatever it is will involve new levels of abstraction, not just playing the same old games bigger and faster. Meta, anyone?

(trackfile - cf Do Meta (1999-05-08), Higher Level Language (2007-08-17), One Transcend Suffices (2009-10-14), More Meta (2019-08-31), ...) - ^z - 2019-11-27