2019-11-07 - Within the System, For the System, With the System

~4.7 mi @ ~14.3 min/mi

McLean crimson sunrise"Work within the System, for the System, and with the System — not against the System!" Square Peg counsels the path of progress and peace, though with a footnote: "But if the System is unjust, move up to work within the larger System!"

"And if they go low", Pokey concurs, "we have to try to go high — even if it's scary and slow and hard. Because it's right." Dawn Patrol takes a mindful tour of McLean, pausing to praise a chiaroscuro sunrise.

"You are a Maker. Help me be one, please!" We resolve to let go of self-criticism, even if only a little, and to get a few more things done, even if they're imperfect. Crimson clouds embrace the glorious world. We're thankful, happy to be here and do what we can to help.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-11-29