2019-11-09 - Stone Mill 50M 24k DNF

~15 mi @ ~15.7 min/mi

Dan Greb photo of Stephanie and Mark before the startFun start: Slow Twitch and Pokey set off at 0602, a couple of minutes after everyone else. Conversation is wonderful, as always, between trail friends who haven't seen each other for much too long. After a few miles Pokey sends ST on ahead as he settles into a comfortable trot.

Rough day: At mile 10 the old left knee starts to twinge, and speed-hiking along doesn't make it any better. Next-to-last at the mile 15 aid station, Pokey decides to drop and walk back to the start, half a dozen miles on the road. But within a few steps the knee suddenly "pops" and declares the situation serious. Kind volunteer Dan DiFonzo provides a ride to the finish line. Time for a week of aggressive resting before the Richmond Marathon on the 16th!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-12-15