2021-02-06 - In the Woods

~9.0 mi @ ~22.8 min/mi

Bamboo grove - In the Woods - North Chevy Chase - Outdoor Nursery School"Do little children nap in the leaves?" asks Square Peg, as the Dawn Patrol duo discovers the Outdoor Nursery School. It's a beautiful part of "In the Woods", estate of David Fairchild, US Dept of Agriculture botanist who in the early 1900s brought avocados, mangoes, pistachios, cherry trees, and countless other plants to the United States. Urban trail talk includes "Prototype + Incubate + Grow" (PIG!) plus musings about respect, resilience, and how weird it feels to imagine that bits of our DNA are wandering the world. We're animals in a big universe!

"Bat habitats are disrupted by wind power turbines" explains Doc Bob, and discusses his son's work on remediation. With Half Full and Danger Man he joins the walkabout at mile 5. Lawn sculptures pose for pics, including one in front of the Chevy Chase Psychic center. No doubt it expected to be photographed this morning ...

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