2021-06-12 - Needwood Nessie and Bethesda Banter

~2.8 mi @ ~22.3 min/mi & ~3.7 mi - ~23.4 min/mi

"Crow!" - "Owl!" - "Tiny Loch Ness Monster!" - 🦘spies the first two perched nearby during the first mile of a Saturday dawn walk. 🤖 notes the last on the surface of Lake Needwood, neck curved S-shape. Then it turns into a cormorant and takes off. Hmmmm! The platform in the center of a playground web tips and pours rainwater as someone attempts a climb. Oops!

"No, just marathons and halfs!" An hour later, 🦀 disavows any plans to do ultras; 🐻 & 🤖 suggest reconsideration. The longer the run, the nicer the people! Bethesda Outdoor Pool parking lot is full on Saturday morning as swim team activities recommence. A happy meander northward encounters sporty wheels and arty fountain sculpture.

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2021-07-11