2022-07-10 - McLean Sunday Sunrise Bunnies and Buzzards

~5.3 mi @ ~16 min/mi

"Is that a Möbius Strip?" 🐰 emulates an Escher-print ant on the elementary school playground climbing-toy. Flags line the pathway as 🦄 leads the way to Starbucks for iced coffee at dawn.

"And we're just animals, walking around on a ball of rock circling a ball of hot gas hundreds of thousands times heavier – and our star is one among billions that are orbiting a black hole itself millions of times more massive than one of them – and our galaxy is one among trillions of galaxies ...".

A vulture perches atop a chimney while another guards a dumpster. We crouch to crawl under a chain and cut through the nursery, formerly a McDonalds, to sniff the basil and admire the blooms.

"And maybe our REAL JOB is to help nudge each other a bit toward balance?"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-10-04