A several-years-old Rose is Rose comic strip by Pat Brady that I need to remember: protagonist Rose is racing along outdoors, thinking "Somebody please stop the world until I catch up! I have so many things to do, I ..." when she catches sight of a fawn. She stops and watches as it moves away. In the final panel she thinks, "Thank you. All caught up now. Way ahead, actually."

The following day's strip shows Rose's husband Jimbo hurrying away from the breakfast table, pulling on his coat and saying, "No time for breakfast! Late for work!" Rose is sitting at the table, clad in her robe, smiling down at her cup of coffee. She says, "I saw a fawn yesterday, and felt as if ..." — at which point Jimbo looks out the window and spies the baby deer. He freezes. In the last frame of the comic Rose continues her remark, "... the world stopped for a moment. And afterward, I didn't feel rushed anymore." As her husband sits back down he says, "I see no reason not to take the day off today."

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