Audaz - December 2016 Meditation Retreat

    ... bold
          ... audacious
                ... venturesome
"I love creating beauty, relationships, connections ... discovering hidden places and treasures.""I love harmony, and expansiveness, and sharing — especially sharing joy."
"I love finding refuge, shelter, safety — a solid place to stand, a calm center in the storm."" Thank you —
      I know,
          I love it,
... and I want more!"
"I love ideas, and helping others, and most of all transcending — going beyond.""I love giving and nurturing ... and I need someone to take care of me, to emotionally nurture me ... and I don't have that in the Intimate Space. Now I recognize how important authentic connection is to me — I deserve it, I need it, and I will seek it out."Be generous —
      to your Self!

Audaz — the emergent mantra for the mindfulness meditation workshop led by Patricia Long on 2016-12-11. Half a dozen participants gather in Bethesda Maryland to "polish souls" — to let go, find purpose, and bathe in the luxury of awareness. Some arrive with no goals; others seek strength, or need to recover from injury, or wish to share gratitude, or crave escape from the planning-thinking-worrying that dominates so much of modern lives. We chant, soften, find opportunity. We talk about what we love and share diverse answers.

"Music is the space between the notes," said Claude Debussy. We sit in silence, expanding into the universe — emptiness, in the center, surrounding and embracing ...

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