Be the Gateless Gate

Be Meta — mind all emptiness
  Attentive and awake, aware,
  Watching without a watcher to
  Transcend this time, and be ...

Be Open — soft and flexible
  Accepting all and not attached,
  Fluid, possible, changing,
  Maybe not, perhaps, may be ...

Be Kind — shining with total love
  Affirming and approving and at one,
  Saying "Yes, and" to all that is, and all
  That ever was, and will be ...

(cf Core Buddhism (2011-10-17), Mantra - Mindfulness, Nonattachment, Oneness (2017-01-25), Mindfulness in Three Words (2018-06-13), Mantra - Be Meta, Be Open, Be Love (2018-11-11), [[Om_-_Fine_and_One_and_Blessed?]] (2018-07-07), Meditation Map (2019-01-19), ...) - ^z - 2019-03-06