When I first started working in a big organization a couple of decades ago, I found that there were elements of the language that I had to learn. Some of the best were simple initial-letter-strings that referred to important concepts. They haven't changed much, if any, over the years. Among the most frequently used:

My favorite jargonism of all time, however, is the mysterious "O.B.E.", as in "You don't have to do that; it's O.B.E. now."

When I first heard it I thought "O.B.E." might mean "Order of the British Empire", a famous award for honorable service to the United Kingdom. (How sweet --- some helpful Englishman with a medal is going to do my work for me!) But alas, "O.B.E." simply means "Overtaken By Events". That is, it's too late now to be worth bothering with any more. Given bureaucratic delays, this is a common term ...

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