Imagine a cavern: darkness and silence,
Broken betimes by the faintest of glows,
   Trickle of water in rock.

Then for an instant a sliver of sunbeam
Slips through a rift and reflects from a pool,
   Scatters off facets of gold.

Light breathes on a mirror of ice and then focuses
Down to a point, at a droplet that hangs
   Poised on the never-yet-seen.

Two ponderous, pendulous, crystal stalactites
Touch, clasp, and fuse --- and the pattern is changed.
   New threads appear in the stone.

As neurotransmitters bridge gaps in a cortex,
Water's course shifts; pathways open and close.
   So thinks the mind of the cave.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000 at 12:11:05 (EDT) = 2000-06-28

TopicPoetry - TopicMind

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