Change, No Change

Driving around the Beltway to work
     Heavy traffic, 6:28am
Metro train arches above the road
     Satellite radio glitches under the bridge
How would someone from 200 years ago
     Understand the cascade of miracles?

"The signal processor lost lock
     When the bit error rate got too high ..."
"There's a transmitter in a highly elliptical orbit ..."
"It's a tiny moon, launched by rockets ..."
"Radio is like sound, only it's more like light ..."

But what am I actually doing?
"I just had breakfast, told my wife I loved her,
     And now I'm going to work ..."
"I studied in school for many years ..."
"My job is mainly listening to people,
     Understanding their problems, and
     Helping them find solutions ..."
"I spend most of my time
     Putting words together
     To organize and explain stuff ..."

No change, in other words, for centuries

^z - 2012-09-26