Besides astronomy, chess, and science-fiction, as a teenager I became interested in hobby electronics: amateur radio, short-wave listening, etc. But the ham magazines were generally too technical to excite me much, and I didn't care for all the advertisements and assessments of expensive products in Popular Electronics or Stereo Review. So in the late 1960s my favorite publication in the field was Electronics Illustrated. It combined good humor with solid information at a level my enthusiastic juvenile self could appreciate. (Perhaps predictably, the 'zine soon went defunct.)

Hilarious cartoons by Charles Rodrigues appeared almost every month in EI. My favorite came to mind again recently, in the context of my gradually deteriorating physical condition. It shows a hi-fi equipment store with a big sign in the front window:

Why pay for sound you can't hear?
Try our custom stereo system
50Hz-5kHz performance
Sale price $149.95!

Alas, Charles Rodrigues passed away last year at the age of 77. R.I.P.

(cartoon description from memory and likely inaccurate, but the spirit is there; cf. MolybdeNumbed (10 Jan 2001), WouffHongAndRettysnitch (19 Jul 2001), HammingItUp (10 Jan 2003), TopBand (20 Dec 2003), ...)

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