Copyright 1933 by Voice of Experience, Inc., a pair of fascinating questionnaires have come into my hands. Their titles are "Choosing a Husband" and "Choosing a Wife", and they each contain 100 Yes/No queries. The prefaces admonish, "Unless both can pass a grade of well above 65% I should say that there is no possibility whatsoever of successful marriage." The tests are at times quaint in their phrasing, but for the most part are still wise as well as entertaining.

From "Questionnaire No. 1", a sampling of the issues for the young woman to consider:

Emotional Qualifications

Social Adaptability

Family Relations

Occupational Interests


Mental Qualifications

Leisure Pursuits

Religious and Racial

(See CheckMate2 for some tests which a groom-to-be may wish to apply to his fiancee.)

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