As mentioned in CheckMate1, the pair of anonymous 1933-vintage brochures "Choosing a Husband" and "Choosing a Wife" contain some charming (and fun!) reading. The yellowed covers of the booklets claim to offer "A scientific method of ascertaining, before marriage, the possibility of success or failure of this important venture". I don't know about scientific, but at least the issues raised by the publisher ("Voice of Experience, Inc.") generally remain quite relevant.

From "Questionnaire No. 2", some of the questions for a young man to answer:

Emotional Qualifications

Social Adaptability

Family Relations

Domestic Interests

Physical Adaptability

Mental Qualifications

Leisure Pursuits

Religious and Racial

(See CheckMate1 for questions which a bride-to-be should ask herself about her intended. And note a severely dated riddle from a 1920's joke book: "Why do girls kiss other girls, but men don't kiss other men?" The answer: "Girls have nothing better to kiss, but men do!")

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