Comments on 2008-10-04 - Andiamo 2008


Did you know James Moore ran Badwater this year? He had a page going and I think he was fundraising for something. I've forgotten how far he got, but he's truly amazing.

-- Caren Jew 2008-10-08 10:00 UTC

I see [1] that James was raising money for the National Breast Cancer Organization. As you note, he did quite well—his report [2] tells of bad leg cramps that started within the first forty miles ... after that, he says, "I reached mile 72 with the option of going on to the next check in (mile 80) and probably on into Lone Pine (mile 122) but the official time clock was no longer my friend. With all things considered, I decided to drop at the 72-mile check in station at Panamint Springs. ..."

-- MarkZimmermann 2008-10-13 20:02 UTC

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