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Actually MAPCO was the parent company mapco coal. It was a diverse energy company (thus the arrow pointing in 4 directions) that included LPG & Ammonia pipelines, uranium mining, oil and gas E&P and coal mining. It first started as a propane pipeline (Mid America Pipeline Company - MAPCO) competing with the railroads moving propane from west texas up to the mid-america region that used propane as fuel. It then expanded into the other companies. it was a fortune 200 company and in 1998 merged (acquired) by Williams companies and in 2002-2003 Williams had to sell a lot of their assets to stay afloat and sold most of the old Mid-America pipeline to Enterprise.

-- Anonymous 2011-05-30 17:52 UTC

tnx, Anonymous! --- and see [1] for a MAPCO Coal logo-patch ...

-- Z 2011-05-31 00:20 UTC