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Precision of Living...

Hmmm... I have some ideas.

How would one evaluate one's life in terms of how precisely or imprecisely it was carried out? A scale might be devised by which such a judgement could be made. This scale will of course require, as do most scales, some (linear or logarithmic) arrangement of absolutely regular, measurable units, which could then be counterposed against another life aspect, value, or combination thereof (perhaps to be determined subjectively, by the person's own system of values and priorities), in the interest of yielding a ratio indicative of the precision with which his/her own life was (or is being) lived.

It seems to me that in our universal human experience of life, the most important assets (in terms of vital importance and absolutely irreplaceable nature) we all have at our disposal (albeit in varying amounts) are health and time. Most all other resources of real value in our lives (whether tangible, quantifiable or neither) including: wealth, power, prestige, friends (meaning human/social connections of any sort), even such subjective qualities as love and success, are at some point renewable or replaceable.

Health, of course has a nearly direct bearing on the amount of time one has on Earth to work on and experience one's life. However, almost as importantly, it also in many ways determines one's capabilities and the facility with which one carries out the designs of one's own will, as well as the freedom to enjoy the pleasures, physical and emotional, of achieving one's goals.

Health is not nearly as quantifiable as time, but with much research and a great deal of mathematical creativity, one might be able to transform statistical medical data into a sort of 'health index,' which then could be cross-referenced with one's age and perhaps genetic information to develop a sort of 'life quotient,' as the scale against which one's precision in achieving one's goals might be measured...

john.s.albert - 2 April 2002 -

I'd be interested in a grid workup of these. I'll try it and see what it looks like. -- Judy Decker

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