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A few months ago I met Mark at a marathon down in the DC area that I was using as a training run for a 100 miler that I just ran (part of) this past weekend. I started with the early crowd (because I had to be back to my University to get work done), so most assumed that I was a slow runner and needed extra time. Well, in some ways I wished I was a slow runner so I could have taken the time to ramble on with other slower runners who know how to appreciate a run and take pleasure in every step they take. I've learned this weekend, how very important it is to enjoy every step, even if it means it will take you 10 hours to complete however many steps your goal is..or however many hours...I did not finish 100 miles, i fell short by 20, covering 80 miles in 16 hours....this is a fast pace, and looking back; maybe if I would have heeded the sage advice of my elders I would have covered those last 20 miles, maybe in 6 hours, maybe in 8, but I would have, because I would have gained the patience and the perseverence I needed..people my age these days don't stop to smell the flowers, they must multi task as much as possible, doing one million things at once, rushing through their day just to get to the night to sleep and do it all over again....I think I just learned the key to success and perhaps happiness in one weekend. Waddle on, talk to the people around you, and whatever you do, do it slow! - MW -

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