Comments on What Else


Brainstorming as its commonly taught suggests that you mentally respond to every constraint identified during a session with "and" .... "such a filter requires extremely consistent pore sizes" and "consistent hole sizes are a natural outcome of self-replication in nature..."

I found Steve Jobs did something additional... "what else" at different scales...
We should open a coffee shop
What else
Here you have a number of vectors...
And a bookstore
Enable On-line meetings from the shop...big screens etc
And place them in trucks
Many across the country to leverage the meetings
Offer a substitute for coffee and baked goods
Perhaps coffee with muscle stimulators in the chairs
To improve muscle tone and mental games

-- Ed 2012-04-25 12:53 UTC

great thoughts, many tnx Ed! --- esp. like the use of "Or/and" connectors --- as some folks have commented, one good method is to forbid people when responding to a wild idea from saying "But ..." (raising objections) and require them to say "And ..." (building upon previous suggestions)

-- zhurnaly 2012-04-25 15:53 UTC